Kirshi Vikas, Punjab


Agriculture is the mainstay of people, especially in the rural hinterland.  However, unless development in the agriculture does not keep pace with change in favor of customer needs, preferences and significant challenges related to climatic conditions, the plight of farmers will continue to remain unfavorable.

SEED CSR works closely along with corporate to provide technical support to farmers, equipping them with knowledge, skills and know-how while also building linkages to vibrant market is driven platforms and networks giving a boost to the agriculture economy.


Impact of Agriculture Development Projects – SEED CSR

We understand and assess the cultivating and harvesting practices followed by the farmers and intervene with better agriculture intervention project which focuses on the Straw Management technology.

Our CSR Project Shodhan is an agricultural intervention project which covers Straw Management, wherein a very little time (approx. 15 days) exists between the harvesting of Rice Crop and cultivation of Wheat Crop.

Our projects are focused on making agriculture more productive, innovative, sustainable, remunerative and climate resilient by promoting integrating farming techniques. In this regard, project team works to bring behavior change by generating awareness among farmers about paddy burning, alternative technologies and other government schemes, and conduct advocacy meetings with the government officials to integrate alternative solutions.