A broom is merely an object used for cleaning and in Indian context also for beating people in and around neighborhood for unharmful acts. It has been acted as a weapon for Indian women since its inception before the modern-day pepper sprays arrived in market. This insanely stick like tools with fibers usually of materials like hair, corn husks and plastic is seen to degrade the status quo of women and is debatable. This is evident from the fact that women not men are majorly seen doing the cleaning work at home because of the traditional responsibility of work bestowed upon them since ages.

SEED is a CSR implementation Agency, which executes projects on various themes across the country. One of the theme is Women Empowerment where in SEED in association with the country’s leading cement giant ACC is implementing projects in various states in India.

One of the ACC CSR project ‘Swabalamban’ in Gagal, Himachal Pradesh in order to promote women empowerment, has formed groups popularly known as Women Self Hep Groups (WSHG’s) with the purpose of making them self-dependent. Any types of activity which help them to gain knowledge as well as money are held under such groups. During the month of April, group members of the WSHG have been involved in getting trained for Dhengri mushroom. They were interested in getting to know the cultivation of this mushroom. Later they would use this training for earning livelihood.

However, SEED CSR as a corporate has developed a different view and aligned with an idea of earning a source of income among women of ACC Chandrapur. Women of Chandrapur region more commonly known as ‘Chanda area’ have involved themselves in making brooms to earn money and are selling within the proximity of their homes. On an average, they are making 50 brooms per day and are continuously targeting a larger market. Here, women are earning a livelihood out of something that has stereotyped them of doing something low.

This broom making activity in Chandrapur has enabled the women to get involved in the market as a seller rather than buyer of the tool for household. SEED CSR has obviously brought a paradigm shift in the perspective of seeing broom and women together as an income generating tool. Through the money earned from broom selling, the women are now able to become independent and self-sustaining. They are using this money to pay fees for their school’s education as well.

This shows that a change in viewpoint can bring changes in the lives of people and an object should not define a person’s capability and status.

Read More information visit CSR Women Empowerment in India, & Skill Development Training Programmes.

Name – Yukti Lamba

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