Many students from different areas in Telangana expressed their gratitude towards SEED CSR and Renew Power for changing the face of their school.

Investing in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not about doing charity but it is about giving back to the society.”

The condition of Mandal Parishad Primary School, situated in Chagi Village falling under district Kurnool, was in deplorable condition. The students had no other option but to use the toilet facility here that had no water supply, study in a class that looked more like an under construction building with damaged walls and no drinking water facility.

M Sruthi, a class 5th student narrated her experience and how things improved drastically with efforts from Renew Power and SEED CSR. She recounts how nine months ago, a team from an organization called SEED CSR visited their school and enquired the students and teachers about studies and other issues. “They took note of all the damages, poor condition of toilets, unavailability of drinking water facility etc.”

Sruthi pointed out that she has been studying in this school from last year and it has been a battle in its own. “The people in the village also come and use the toilets after the classes are over. They used to even throw stones in toilet rooms, and we had no other option but to go out in the surrounding for toilet. The condition was really bad,” she said.

Nithin, a class 9th student expressed his gratitude towards SEED CSR and Renew Power for improving the condition of his school

The team from SEED CSR that visited noticed all our problems and things started to change, she said. “We had given up our hopes to study in a school with all basic amenities, but things changed, and it changed for good,” said Sruthi.

“Toilet rooms were built with high walls and a 500-liter water tank was setup on the roof to provide water facility to the toilets. They repaired the doors, made provision for proper ventilation in the rooms and now we feel comfortable and safe while using washrooms,” said an enthusiastic Sruthi.

Sruthi explained that the school didn’t have any drinking water facility before, and students used to bring water from their own houses. “There have been times when it was not enough, and we had to wait to get home to drink water. There were times when we used to feel thirsty during the day but had no other option as there was no facility for drinking water. It was difficult, especially during the summers. Now, we have a water cooler with RO facility. We feel really happy that we are able to drink cold water in our school,” she said expressing her joy.

Roshini, a class 10th student expressed her gratitude towards SEED CSR and Renew Power for improving the condition of her school

There are thousands of students across several villages in many states, where the schools do not have basic amenities for the students. It is a nightmare especially for a girl to relieve herself in the open, but they are forced to go out in the open due to the poor condition of existing toilet facilities or these facilities have no water supply.

It has also been noticed that many students drop out from primary school level itself as they don’t find their schools as they have seen around. For children, they need a colorful environment as childhood is all about believing that magic exists, and nothing is impossible. But if the schools don’t look like one then how we are going to provide education to the future of our country. A school is a place, where a child not only learns but grows.

Under the project funded by Renew Power and implemented by SEED CSR, several programmes were organized, which the children seemed oblivious about and since then, this school has transformed like any other public schools. “We attended several programmes and events were held on Children’s Day. It was a very important day for us. We learnt many new things about cleanliness, maintaining our personal hygiene etc. and we hope for more in future,” concluded Sruthi.

There are many such Sruthi’s in our country and we at, SEED CSR, through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, are trying to build a better environment for tomorrow.  

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