CSR for rural development- Giving Better Living to every villager!

CSR initiatives in India are not an old concept but it took a long time to make it mandate for every firm to invest into CSR activities. At Seed CSR we have an impeccable team who are considered best to plan CSR initiatives in India with maximum outreach. Our volunteers are already spread across India and so we successfully implement well-planned CSR project in any part of country.  Out of all the CSR initiatives for education, quality healthcare, environment sustainability, social infrastructure, skill development, sanitation and hygiene, CSR for rural development is more in demand throughout the year.

Role of CSR Initiatives in Rural Areas

Our Roots are our villages and we still depend on these villages for some of our prime needs. One of those prime needs is food and this is majorly done in villages by our hard working farmers. They work die-hard all year long to feed entire nation, but are they getting in return what they are worth for and what they deserve!

Disaster Risk Management & Rural Development through CSR Projects

Natural Disasters are not unde...


A broom is merely an object used for cleaning and in Indian context also for beating people in and around neighborhood for unharmful acts. It has been acted as a weapon for Indian women since its inception before the modern-day pepper sprays arrived in market. This insanely stick like tools with fibers usually of materials like hair, corn husks and plastic is seen to degrade the status quo of women and is debatable. This is evident from the fact that women not men are majorly seen doing the cleaning work at home because of the traditional responsibility of work bestowed upon them since ages.