Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the swachh Bharat abhiyan which was been taken lightly for several years have suddenly picked up momentum. The Prime minister of India have made it very clear to the citizen of India that it is very important to inculcate civic sense and value among each and every Indian so that India can become as clean and green as the west. Not only cleanliness fosters a countries growth by attracting foreigners but also provides better environment to live and grow.

Few of the initiatives which have taken place in Delhi and other cities of India after the Benega Swachh India abhiyan is improving sanitation. Not only the country is heading towards development but the CSR Initiative under Swachh bharat is also doing its bit by walking hand in hand with the Prime Minsters approach. Under the auspices of CSR Initiative under Swachh bharat, it has been stress on that each household should have proper sanitation facilities with covered toilet with proper doors and water facilities. Gradually Corporate Social Responsibility Delhi will try and enhance these facilities by improving the standards and making them smarter and easier to use.

After the success of “‪Swachh ‪Varanasi” where focus was on cleaning river Ganga, the entire focus has now on cleaning the national capital Delhi. And keeping in mind the targets and after seen excellent results with River Ganga and Varanasi, Corporate Social Responsibility Delhi is gearing up and trying its level best to clean Delhi and then head over to other cities.

CSR Initiative under Swachh bharat, SEED has participated in full spirit and is promoting sanitation facilities at the Ganga Ghat by providing smart toilet systems. The toilets are inculcated with state of the art technology which would be using vacuum system and can operate without the use of water. These toilets will also help in treating sludge thereby preventing foul smell on the banks of Ganga

There has been proposals to construct separate toilets for both men and women and construct special toilets for handicaps and for special need children. Apart from that what is more important is to spread the message of cleanliness ,in the recent past it has been seen that despite of providing excellent facilities, people lack civic sense and they tend to misuse the facilities .,Therefore along with providing excellent sanitation facility in Delhi and Varanasi Corporate Social Responsibility Delhi is trying to educate the general public about the benefits of cleanliness and making then aware of proper use of modern sanitation .sadly most of the people still do not know how to use a particular facility and tend to man handle it which eventually leads to damage which does not get repaired ever.

This not only leads to loss of revenue but makes the situation even worse. Keeping in mind the Corporate Social Responsibility Delhi have incorporated a specialised team which would only take care of spreading the message of cleanliness and teaching the common man how to make the most out of modern facilities thereby taking care of them as well.

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