Ever since Mr. Narendra Modi has become the prime minister of India, there has been a greater focus on Swachh Bharat Mission. He along with his cabinet member have allocated a great deal of investment in order to make India clean. It might seem to be a mammoth task but now it seems to be working. It is a fact that cleanliness is next to Godliness therefore it is vital to inculcate good habits about keeping surroundings clean and educate young children ,to keep the surroundings clean. Once they form a habit right from their childhood, it would remain with them till their rest of their life

Another major issue which goes along with Swachh Bharat Mission is Skill development. India is one of those countries which is blessed with one of the maximum manpower, however the sad part is unfortunately very few of that working class possess skills. Because of less of skills, they tend to work very hard, while making use of very little knowledge and equipment, still are not able to get the best out of them. This not only cost more but also does not guarantee 100% efficiency.

Keeping this in mind the www.seed.ind.in is taking several initiative in the field of training young and dynamic resources in the field of Carpentry, Electrical Work, Plumbing and Missionary. They provide many job oriented courses and upon completion also handle out certificates which help them in getting instant jobs. Many have also been able to start their own work and it has been seen that after completing the courses and training they are more confident and the level of services which they offer has also been very competitive. This not only benefits the services provider but also the person who is availing the service.

People who are educated and are aware of the opportunities are more or less aware of the impact of cleanliness and work shoulder to shoulder to enhance their capability as well as keeping the environment clean. Therefore in short skill development and Swachh Bharat Mission go hand in hand.

www.seed.ind.in provides a variety of program and services however Skill development has proved to be very successful and is operating at full capacity. Its aim is to train more and more people who can contribute to the growth of the country and go on to become successful individual in the future.