Today’s day is dedicated to honoring mothers and celebrate motherhood. A day to say thank you to our mothers. A mother, right from the time she conceives, she protect, care and guide her child in the path of life. The epitome of love and relationship between a mother and a child is undoubtedly the purest of all.

She may not be thanked every day but on days like today let’s take out a moment from our lives to honor her for the unconditional love and support that she has given to us. Let’s make a promise to take care of her and be there when she needs.

At SEED, in 9 years we have met many women in several Self Help Groups, Health Centers and Literacy Centers in small and remote villages across the country.Each woman has her own story to tell, however, what binds her into a common platform is that each one of them looks for a better future for her child. She may be learning stitching clothes under SEED’s Skill Development Programs for livelihood development or learning how to read & write, however, when asked why she wants to do it, her answer is always the same, to give a better life to her children. Such is motherhood, no matter what strata of society we belong, the spirit of motherhood is same for all.
And today, SEED salutes all the mothers and wish them, Happy Mother’s Day!

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