Our Roots are our villages and we still depend on these villages for some of our prime needs. One of those prime needs is food and this is majorly done in villages by our hard working farmers. They work die-hard all year long to feed entire nation, but are they getting in return what they are worth for and what they deserve!

The answer is No. Sad but true! Our rural area’s population is still fighting and struggling for gaining access to basic necessities like clean water, proper infrastructure like roads and schools, basic healthcare facilities and the list goes on. Their stagnant condition is raising an alarm for all of us to act responsibly for them and so many firms are investing ample of amount in CSR initiatives. Seed CSR is a leading integrated CSR consulting, planning and implementing agency which helps corporates in supporting needy population through CSR initiatives. In collaboration with many reputed organizations we are working actively towards betterment of our rural area population. Implementing CSR for Rural Development is one of our specialties because we have a long to-do list under this initiative.

We look after every need of every single individual of rural areas and things what we do for them are as follows:

  • First and foremost need of rural area is social infrastructure- Our villages lack proper infrastructure including roads, hospitals, schools and many more. Seed CSR helps them with all possible resources.
  • Better healthcare facility- We have been sending our mobile healthcare unit to sever rural areas at regular intervals. Our team of doctors provides free health check and medications as a part of CSR for healthcare.
  • Proper sanitation and hygiene- Still many villages don’t have access to toilets, which in-turn become a big reason for birth of many diseases. Under CSR for Rural Development we install mobile toilets and even construct public toilets.
  • We also conduct sessions for creating awareness about importance of maintaining good hygiene.
  • Seed CSR also conducts skill development sessions to enable youth, women and other population to stand on their own in order to earn a better living.

In spite of involvement of government authorities as well as corporates, our rural areas still seek lot of help from us. We aim to see our rural areas well developed and completely empowered with help of our CSR activities. If you also want to do something good for rural population, join hands with Seed CSR to begin a step towards it!

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