Renew Power in partnership with SEED CSR launches “Rural Development” Sustainable Village Development Program on 15th April at Dichipalli, Telangana. The Chief Guests for the launch event were Mr. Sumant Sinha Founder and Chairman Renew Power and Mr. Parag CEO Renew Power. Mr. Sumant Sinha & Mr. Parag talked about the benefits of Digital Education by leveraging technologies like Digital Class. Not only this, the emphasis was also on Women Empowerment and for the same Regional Sarpanch of Dharmaraopet Village was also invited. After the curtain unveiling, Digital Class Room was inaugurated. The new computer lab is well equipped and has all the latest technology and infrastructure. All necessary equipments like latest Computers, Computer Tables, Chairs, UPS and Internet facility are provided in the lab. This will benefit students to learn latest techniques and with internet facility they will also get exposure to new technologies being used globally. This is a Big Step in Digital India movement for school children in Dharmaraopet Village at Dichipalli, Telangana.

The Chief Guests also interacted with students and emphasised importance of education in career development and how Digital Class can be beneficial for them. The Chief Guest also talked about importance of Sports in our daily life and shared his thoughts and importance of sports with both Students & Parents. Renew Power projects also committed in improving the sports facility by providing necessary sports equipments to school.

To ensure the students and parents also know benefits and importance of Environment, Chief Guest also did Sapling plantation in the School Premises. The motive is to take one step forward for future generation by Environment Sustainability.

The program ended with discussion between Chief Guests and the Head Master for the Future of Children’s in the village and importance of CSR education in the village. Unlike earlier time this initiative, the proper method of Practical Teaching via Smart Labs is also adopted in the village. Also Headmaster expressed vote of thanks to Renew Power and Seed CSR for this value addition to the society.

This is a big step in the Digital India initiative and this is just a beginning to educate thousands of people in Dharmaraopet Village, Dichipalli.

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