The “Skill India” mission was set in place by the Narendra Modi two years ago and has been fast-tracking development in the nation ever since. It is a program that understands the need to make use of the abundant labor force we have at our disposal, in a manner that uplifts their standards and raises the country’s level of development as well. The idea remains simple – give a man charity and he’ll survive for a week but teach him a skill and he will earn a livelihood. Today, on July 2015, we celebrate the two-year anniversary of Skill India and its continuous success.

The mission took up certain clear-cut objectives – to empower people and make them confident enough to take up work by teaching them a skill and making them productive. It puts major focus on the skilling the youth of the nation since they are the country’s future. It allows for a manifestation of innovation and entrepreneurship among the students by exposing them to quality education. It works towards the provision of world-class training in not just traditional occupations like carpentry, welding, masonry, tailoring, etc., but also in areas like real estate, banking, tourism, jewellery design, among many others. This is done so that the training allows the Indian population to fulfill domestic needs and also be able to compete in the international market and earn a decent livelihood for themselves. Skill India focuses on both Rural and Urban areas where the initiative is tailor-made to suit the needs of the target group and innovation methods like group discussions, practical learning, etc. make it more effective. It aims to raise the people’s standards of living so that they can lead comfortable, fulfilling lives.kill

SEED CSR has been actively in support of this mission and has been working towards imparting Skill Development to its project villages. We have taken up a large number of skill development initiatives for quality education and women and rural empowerment along with companies like ACC and DHFL. We work towards creation of training centers with competent teachers teaching the skills required for trades like Electrical trade, Computer, Automobile, etc. Our aim is to provide a continuous service that begins with mobilizing people to make them understand the importance of being skilled, enrolling them in the training centers where they are regularly assessed in order to ensure effectiveness and post-completion of training, placing and helping them get jobs or set up their own businesses. The purpose behind our work is in tandem with the objectives of the Skill India mission and we believe that ensuring innovative training techniques and constant encouragement can be extremely impactful to fulfill these goals. Our work is on-going in 7 locations with ACC and in 2 locations with DHFL, both being highly praised initiatives that has benefitting many people. At SEED, we strive to fulfill this endeavor in our full capacity and make India a skilled superpower.

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