Empowering women is not an overnight process. It needs a lot of consistent effort because very few women are educated enough to stand tall in front of men. We have now more organizations realizing the need of promoting gender equality and so coming forward to invest in CSR for Women Empowerment. In every term women can be equally strong as that of women, be it personally or be it professionally. One thing that is pulling our women back since years is “the chance to grow equally as that of men”.

This is possibly the main reason why there has been tremendous increase in number of CSR initiatives in India, especially in recent years. Seed CSR initiate its CSR activity by doing proper survey of concerned area and encouraging women for doing something good on their own. We conduct various programs for women in rural areas that include formation of Self Help Groups (SHG), livelihood generation initiatives, quality education, sanitation and hygiene, etc. Our trained staff teaches them about dairy farming, pickle/ papad/ broom making, tailoring and many other things that can give them chance to generate employment opportunities, hence makes them self-dependent. We also make women aware about how to enter market for doing any kind of business by negotiating about prices and other factors.

While visiting rural areas, we always spot many illiterate women who are talented but not able to do anything on their own due to their zero education level. Seed CSR considers this as a big hindrance and therefore we first give them basic education so that they can read, write and put their signatures. This is not the end; under our CSR for gender equality initiatives we conduct awareness programs to educate them about sanitation and hygiene.

We make sure that there is no area left neglected when it comes to benefit women in every aspect. Investing in CSR for women empowerment not only helps people from disadvantaged communities to grow more but also benefits the company that is investing into it. It has a long-term impact and so attracting corporates to invest more with Seed CSR.

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