Whole world is talking about India and that is because our talented citizens are settled worldwide. Our doctors, scientists, architects, designers, etc. are leaving great impressions of their work throughout the world. Hence, everyone has very high expectations from Indians. But still most of our rural areas have low education level. This demands prime need for Promoting Education in India much more than ever.

Low education level is one of the biggest hindrances on the way of India in becoming ‘A developed Nation’. Our education system is still struggling to reach thousands of disadvantaged population. No doubt our government is already taking lot of steps to educate maximum people but that is not sufficient for a huge population. Since the CSR law has been implemented, lot of firms are coming up and want us to implement CSR projects specifically for Promoting Education in India. Rural areas still have lot of children, youth as well as women who are illiterate.

Educating kids will ensure better tomorrow and educating youth as well as women will ensure better today because all of them will be able to earn a better living.

Seed CSR is specialized in strategizing and implementing CSR projects for rural development, education, healthcare services, social infrastructure, sanitation and hygiene, environment sustainability and many more. We have implemented many CSR projects for Promoting Education. Due to low education levels, disadvantaged population is still struggling hard for accessing basic necessities of life like healthcare facilities, they don’t know the importance of taking necessary precautions to stay away from deadly diseases, many villagers and slum area residents don’t use toilets and polluting environment without knowing its dangerous hazards.

Our volunteers work hard along with few local residents to educate them about every necessary topic. Schools are being equipped with fans, water coolers and other stationary items, so that maximum children can attend schools. Skill development classes are being conducted in every corner of the country. This enables disadvantaged population to grow more and live life just like we do. Get in touch with our team to initiate more CSR programs for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and enable every individual shine.

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