On 25th April Malaria Day was celebrated in the Gagal region of Himachal Pradesh. On this day, an awareness campaign had taken place through door to door reach out. Three panchayats were targeted in this campaign namely Panjgain, Dhoun Kothi and Barmana. Around 400 pamphlets were distributed among people of the three panchayats. This pamphlet contained information on sources of malaria and other knowledge related to it.

Cleanliness Drive was another important aspect of the Malaria Day celebration. This drive took place in Dhoun Kothi panchayat in Kannaur village where approximately 30 women belonging to Mahalaxmi and Navjyoti groups participated in cleaning the area outside their respective homes.  Complaints of the village members were addressed by SEED representative and the whole malaria day celebration went off well.