Indian is a country with budding talent, it is the second most populous country which is known for its hardworking resources, and however what it lacks is inadequate skills. Indian are known for their hardworking capacity and their resourcefulness, what is required to get the best out of manpower is CSR Skill Development Training.

This now been taken care of by CSR which stands for corporate social responsibility which is linked to community welfare with the help of promotion of education and skill development. This not only helps the society as a whole but also help unskilled manpower who are willing to work hard to earn a livelihood and uplift their standard of living by getting  respectful job. By learning new skills and acquiring basic minimum education not only the underprivileged attain confidence but also improves their quality of life. Few of the areas where CSR is making an impact has been in the field of plumbing, carpentry, retail, hospitality, and customer services etc.

The CSR Skill Development Training programme is now widespread across the whole of India targeting weaker economic sectors by setting up training centres all across the country. One of the initiatives of fostering education is by indulging the educated youth of India who can relate very well with the underprivileged people as they are more sympathetic toward their needs. The youth of India are guided by mentors and experienced staff who guide them in the right direction.

CSR Promoting Education is a very widespread motive which not only targets at providing basic education to poor but also providing elementary and higher education to people who have already had minimum education in their early years. They also set up camps where counselling is provided and taught the benefits of being educated. Once the students finish their education via CSR they are awarded certificates and credentials which are recognized worldwide and helps them a great deal in providing them with jobs.

It has been found that while CSR Skill Development Training, many hidden talents were found and it was seen that many people and students were not even aware of their capabilities. In accordance to their aptitude and capability the training focuses on their strengths and work more than required, so that they can contribute to the society, There have been cases where the students have gained so much of confidence that even before the training is completed they are able to fetch a job for themselves and within a year only they have grown leaps and bounds.

It is a known fact that any kind of education is always beneficial, if not now, may be at a later stage, therefore CSR Promoting Education has also proved to do the same. Many women in rural India, after acquiring education has passed on the benefits of being educated to their immediate family members and have also started to send their children to schools so that they get education right from the start.

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