Corporate Social Responsibility also known as corporate citizenship is the sense of conscience that a corporation integrates with its business model. CSR initiatives in India demonstrates to both consumers and the media, the selfless social interest of a company that is not undertaken for profit margins. The companies that have embraced CSR stands exceptional in terms of brand differentiation, socio-economic contentment and employee satisfaction.

For this reason, embedding csr projects in India can not only sway but also control the buying decisions of consumers as they feel themselves making a socially responsible buyers. What else can be better than this for a company that can turn its consumers into greater profits by giving them a sense of ethical purchase? However, for this, developing a trustworthy corporate social responsibility environment is necessary and is time taking but observers value such initiatives that have taken time to get established and managed.

A much faster uptake of the initiative is when an organization engages its employees into it. Moreover, being a part of the initiative that helps underprivileged can boost morale for employees who want to do social good along with their job. Employee retention, productivity and overall engagement scales up when companies engage themselves in socially and environmentally responsible practices. Over the time, the business contribution to a cause or towards development programs executed for rural, livelihood, skill development can be a significant amount of charitable funds, product donations or other ventures.

Businesses have perception of advantages of social responsibility but they find it hard selecting the right CSR agency who can plan a perfect approach to CSR initiative and implement it successfully. This is where Seed CSR comes into picture where it has undoubtedly proven for its right selection. So why not share the onus with a trusted partner like Seed CSR.

Let’s join hands for a thoughtfully planned CSR to make this society a better place to live in.

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