Role of CSR programs towards betterment of every single individual, community and nation is well known throughout the world. This demands not much explanation about Corporate Social Responsibility, but to be précised CSR NGO programs in Delhi is a link between society and corporates for addressing social and environmental issues effectively.

Seed CSR has been into existence since years and we have spread our reach in 17 states so far. With proven expertise in CSR projects of every scale, we have helped many corporates to attain socio-economic stability by strategizing and implementing CSR projects for them.  We are one of the leading destinations for companies searching Corporate Social Responsibility Delhi. This is because of maximum impact and reach of our CSR initiatives.

Our strategic plan always focuses on specific areas like poverty, education, healthcare, environment protection, gender equality, cleanliness drives, etc. We make it extremely easy for corporates to reach maximum disadvantaged population which in turn helps them in attaining sustainable development goals. India is developing at a faster pace but rural areas are still struggling for getting basic necessities. If you look at CSR with respect to rural growth in India, Seed CSR team is working actively towards empowerment of our rural areas by providing basic necessities to lead a normal life. This includes end to end need, right from education, to sanitation and making them job ready by skill development.

We have got more number of corporates reaching us for investing in CSR for rural development this year and the reason why everyone is focusing on rural development because a huge population resides in our villages. Empowering rural youth can make their living standard better which in turn will improve country’s economic condition as well. Similarly, giving equal chance of earning a livelihood to women of rural areas will change the way we look towards rural areas.

Through our out of the box approach for CSR initiatives, we have impacted 4500 villages across 87 districts of 17 states and this counting is still on.  Join us and be a part of this social cause, because together we can do better!

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