India is a country that is characterized by its diversity in demographic, resources, culture, religion, language and all other spheres of society. Where on the one hand this diversity gives the nation its unique identity, on the other hand, it is also the root cause of a vast variety of social issues. It is a country that is developing but with massively underutilized potential and a considerable population that is difficult to provide for. What it needs is a reformation of mindset, a betterment of skills and considerable investment on socio-economic upliftment.

The question that arises is – who is responsible for taking up this development that is wholesome and equitable? One may expect an answer like “the government”, but it must be understood that for a country to progress, it requires the collaborative efforts of all people. It is accordance with this idea that the Indian law instituted Corporate Social Responsibility for firms. This is because for actual tangible effectiveness in development, we require a synergy between the efforts of the government with corporate firms for the betterment of civil society. Mutually-benefitting initiatives of CSR allow for firms to take up programs that bring innovation to technology and development to enhance the plight of backward areas whilst promoting their own product or service and building a responsible brand image. This leads to an overall economic upliftment for the entire nation.

In tandem with this belief, SEED CSR was conceived in 2006 and has ever since, been working towards improving the quality of life of socio-economically backward regions in rural as well as urban India through a number of CSR initiatives in India and programs aimed towards sustainable development. We undertake CSR projects on behalf of corporates and ensure that these programs reap actual benefits to the targeted population. It is not merely spending some of the excess profit of a firm on construction of a school or hospital, but it is creation of an enhanced livelihood for the people of the backward regions by ensuring their ability to make use of the development undertaken for them.

Our projects are holistic and end-to-end and are followed up, thus ensuring that even once our work is done, its effect remains, and people benefit out of it continuously. We focus on several social issues such as women empowerment, skill development, quality education, quality healthcare, construction and maintenance of social infrastructure, financial literacy and environmental sustainability.  We have successfully been able to impact 4500 villages spread across 87 districts in 17 states. Some of our projects include the Integrated Village Development of Palwal, Haryana in collaboration with Sony; Skill Development projects in Jhalawar, Rajasthan in collaboration with Caterpillar and in Chandrapur and Kolhapur, Maharashtra in collaboration with DHFL; and Skill Development, Women Empowerment and Agriculture projects in 8 locations with ACC amongst other projects.

We at SEED recognize that for all of these projects to work, we need to address the problem of the extreme unawareness of the people of backward regions of the rights, amenities and quality of life that they are deprived of and for this, all our projects ensure that wholesome awareness is spread alongside the provision and building social facilities. Our programs have not only enhanced these regions in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of skill-building and creating healthy, self-sufficient, productive individuals that add to the economy’s betterment. We sensitize people on the importance of healthcare, sanitation, hygiene, education, skill-building, etc. in order to raise their standards of living. Determined, systematic efforts by the corporates to contribute to their society are of key importance for a developing nation like ours. Sustainable, environment-friendly, wholesome growth is what SEED CSR strives for.

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