CSR initiatives in India are not an old concept but it took a long time to make it mandate for every firm to invest into CSR activities. At Seed CSR we have an impeccable team who are considered best to plan CSR initiatives in India with maximum outreach. Our volunteers are already spread across India and so we successfully implement well-planned CSR project in any part of country.  Out of all the CSR initiatives for education, quality healthcare, environment sustainability, social infrastructure, skill development, sanitation and hygiene, CSR for rural development is more in demand throughout the year.

Many businesses comes to us with a view that investing more in CSR for rural development will solve many problems all together. As part of this our volunteers visits the target rural area first to analyze the present situation and then plan a CSR program accordingly. Our programs also involve employees of the host company because now even employees feel a great sense of responsibility and pride in helping needy population.

Important initiatives which we take under CSR for rural development are;

  • Promoting social infrastructure– Schools, hospitals and roads of rural areas are usually not seen in good condition and hence they can be developed with necessary amenities to let villagers live with an ease. We provide books stationaries, fan, water-cooler, etc. to schools so that students can study comfortably. Roads and community halls can be equipped. Hospital building is provided with basic medicines, beds, etc. so that more and more people can avail medical facilities.
  • Educate villagers about sanitation & hygiene– Maintaining Good sanitation and hygiene can keep many diseases away. Using toilets can solve many problems. We conduct free sessions to make them understand this fact.
  • Skill development classes– Classes for women as well as youth are very beneficial. It allows women to earn a living for themselves whenever they want and enables youth to grab good job opportunities in desired field. Our skill development initiatives are with placement assistance and many students have been placed with reputed companies.
  • Environment sustainability– This is implied both of rural and urban areas. Mother Nature should be taken care in a well behaved way and this everyone should understand.

Many businesses in emerging markets are realizing benefits from corporate social responsibility initiatives and are contacting us for more and more effective CSR programs. We look forward to benefit maximum population with our collaborative efforts for CSR initiatives in India.

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