The term “Corporate Social Responsibility” is basically related to the notions of charitable activities, legal obedience and “ethical” business.

Any business which has an impact on the society directly or indirectly will be termed as CSR better known as corporate social responsibility. Most business only aim at helping the society in a better way by providing help in skill development, fostering education, cleaner and greener environment, uplifting the underprivileged etc. However there are some activities which the corporates are not aware of which May in turn harm the environment such as pollution, overcrowding etc. Thus helping to curb the ill effects is also a part of CSR, such as installing a water purifying plant if the factory is directly oir indirectly pollution the water reserves, setting up air cleaners and providing education to nearby villages so that they can get employment in their factories.

There are several CSR Implementation Agency which work alongside many big business and handle their CSR activities along with rest of the departments, their main aim is to help the society become a better place to live in and thereby help the organisation also grow alongside.

They aim to assess it as a wider discipline which includes both the company values and the attitude towards everyone that the corporate has an influence on, be it directly or indirectly. CSR Implementation Agency trust that as a growing business, corporates have a sense of responsibility to these “stakeholders” to take care of the social, ecological scenario and economic impacts of their business doings in a maintainable way.

Corporate Social Responsibility Agency Strive hard to ripen a healthy and organised approach to CSR. working on a resilient groundwork of policy Corporate Social Responsibility Agency targets to drive besieged advances in the companies as well as a country as a whole social and conservational presentation and to account the outcome.

Values of Corporate Social Responsibility Agency

  • Enhancement of trust and honesty within the society
  • Understanding the customer and their needs in order to foster growth for both the organisation and the country as a whole
  • Bring about a healthy change by innovative ideas and developments
  • Empowerment of people and society as a whole, changing the mind-set and outing they right though forward
  • Provide continuous learning so as to improve growth
  • Improvising on teamwork to foster synergy, thus saving on time, money and efforts
  • Safeguarding the environment and aiming towards cleaner and greener India
  • Increasing confidence in the mind of people especially the people living in rural India and promote then in coming forward to learn skills which s=would help then earn a livelihood

Corporate Social Responsibility Agency are definitely doing a great job and if more and more Corporate Social Responsibility Agency. Come forward in order to work alongside it is not too late that India will be one of the most developed nations in times to come. All what is required is continuous upgradation of skills and resources so that we do not lag behind and move with the times.

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