A healthy society leads to a developed nation. This is only possible when every community is leading a healthy life. In the past few years, SEED CSR has been working rigorously to reach out to the grass-root level of those issues that are still prevalent in the society. As a result, different projects are taken up for the betterment of the community. As an organization, SEED believes that healthy, fit and active community members can only be targeted for the upliftment of any society.

Thereby, the main agenda followed by SEED CSR as an implementation agency is to achieve its business and strategic goals through community development projects. This is visible through initiatives taken towards the healthcare services in the key areas and step by step strategy has been targeted not only to educate the people about the benefits of a good health but also efforts were taken to make them aware of various diseases that can be taken care of easily. The impoverished and marginalized communities are the ones, suffering the most according to various surveys that has been taken up by the government and many NGOs every year.

To ensure that the people are being given the right education in terms of health and diseases, CSR has taken up many projects in various parts of the country. Therefore, free health check-up camps are organized regularly to provide treatments and medicines. People are being provided with prescribed medicines with an advice on how they can take good care of their health.

The focus as of now is to make them aware of waterborne and contagious diseases. Also, women and children are given special attention by setting up gynaecology and paediatric camps across the country. Besides this, awareness campaigns are organized to spread the message that Hygiene and Sanitation issues are important and needs to be addressed. The campaigns are a medium to educate people about the significance of cleanliness which in turn is important for a healthy lifestyle.

During World Water Day, SEED CSR took an initiative to organize a drive at the Ghats of Ganga to spread the message of good hygiene and sanitation. The main agenda of this drive was to stop the wastage of water and reduce the practice of open defecation by the tourists and the local vendors at the Ghats. Though this project is a part of World Water Day to spread the message of “Save Water”, but is also an indirect effort to reach out the people to provide them the necessary knowledge required for their wellbeing.

Also, to improve the quality healthcare, Seed CSR came up with Integrated Community Development Programme to improve quality of life and wellbeing of the deprived communities. It aims at improving the critical development issues faced by the marginalized population of villages in Kelambakkam, Alathur & Chennai. It also evolves around improving the Facilities at Primary Health Centre . Also, installing the RO System in School and Anganwadis to improve the Watery Hygiene in the villages.

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