CSR for Women Empowerment Equipping Women with livelihood generation

We have come far from the time when females were meant to stay at home. They were neither given chance to enter educational institutions, nor they were allowed to work. In this era, women are no less than males and hence have entered every profession. The ratio of educated women have increased to a good level, but still there are many females, especially in rural areas or slum areas who are not educated enough to generate livelihood opportunities.

Let’s make a difference through CSR for Women Empowerment

Empowering women is not an overnight process. It needs a lot of consistent effort because very few women are educated enough to stand tall in front of men. We have now more organizations realizing the need of promoting gender equality and so coming forward to invest in CSR for Women Empowerment. In every term women can be equally strong as that of women, be it personally or be it professionally. One thing that is pulling our women back since years is “the chance to grow equally as that of men”.

CSR Initiatives in India

India is a country that is characterized by its diversity in demographic, resources, culture, religion, language and all other spheres of society. Where on the one hand this diversity gives the nation its unique identity, on the other hand, it is also the root cause of a vast variety of social issues. It is a country that is developing but with massively underutilized potential and a considerable population that is difficult to provide for. What it needs is a reformation of mindset, a betterment of skills and considerable investment on socio-economic upliftment.

Empowering Women towards Equality and Development

India is a nation that despite being personified to “Mother India” has had the harshest lifestyle for females.


A broom is merely an object used for cleaning and in Indian context also for beating people in and around neighborhood for unharmful acts. It has been acted as a weapon for Indian women since its inception before the modern-day pepper sprays arrived in market. This insanely stick like tools with fibers usually of materials like hair, corn husks and plastic is seen to degrade the status quo of women and is debatable. This is evident from the fact that women not men are majorly seen doing the cleaning work at home because of the traditional responsibility of work bestowed upon them since ages.

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