Rolling up Mobile Health Unit to underprivileged

South India is home to many rural communities and villages with cultural variation distinguishing them, but poverty amassing many together. The lack of funds and technical backwardness highlights the poor plight of the village systems – where the population is too unaware to even know what amenities they are lacking. One of the primary ways to ensure a path towards a growing lifestyle is to ensure good health since all other developmental efforts bank on it. However, there exists a massive disparity in the availability of this service within urban and rural areas, where the latter doesn’t even get access to basic sanitation, let alone proper medical services.

Role of CSR Initiatives in Rural Areas

Our Roots are our villages and we still depend on these villages for some of our prime needs. One of those prime needs is food and this is majorly done in villages by our hard working farmers. They work die-hard all year long to feed entire nation, but are they getting in return what they are worth for and what they deserve!

Flagging Mobile Medical Unit in Bangalore

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CSR In Quality Healthcare

The latest Indian census indicates a 490,000+ community of transgender people in India. They are recognized legally as the “Other”, and treated exactly like their legal namesake – the transgender, Hijra community of India is till date sidelined, stereotyped and stigmatized. They seem to every “normal” person as someone who is different and unnatural. It is this lack of acceptance and discrimination that is the primary cause of their terrible conditions of lifestyle and why there seems to be no escaping this plight.

Giving Quality Healthcare for a Quality Life!

Rural Health care is one of bi...