Corporate social responsibility

How Businesses Get Benefited by Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility also known as corporate citizenship is the sense of conscience that a corporation integrates with its business model. CSR initiatives in India demonstrates to both consumers and the media, the selfless social interest of a company that is not undertaken for profit margins. The companies that have embraced CSR stands exceptional in terms of brand differentiation, socio-economic contentment and employee satisfaction.

Why CSR matters to your business?

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You can completely rely on a Good Corporate Social Responsibility Agency!

CSR is a broad area which still is in need to gain sufficient attention. It is beneficial for business and for society as well, but only if a CSR project is implemented in a planned way. Increasing importance of Corporate Social Responsibility Agency is the proof that people have now realized its role in a better way. Businesses have started viewing CSR as the main part of their overall business strategy. Biggest challenge to this is to plan a perfect approach of CSR initiative and implement it successfully. This is what Seed CSR is helping corporates since years. We plan and implement CSR initiatives for them, so that they can address the key business issues and the society issues at the same time.

CSR for rural development- Giving Better Living to every villager!

CSR initiatives in India are not an old concept but it took a long time to make it mandate for every firm to invest into CSR activities. At Seed CSR we have an impeccable team who are considered best to plan CSR initiatives in India with maximum outreach. Our volunteers are already spread across India and so we successfully implement well-planned CSR project in any part of country.  Out of all the CSR initiatives for education, quality healthcare, environment sustainability, social infrastructure, skill development, sanitation and hygiene, CSR for rural development is more in demand throughout the year.

CSR with respect to rural growth in India

Role of CSR programs towards betterment of every single individual, community and nation is well known throughout the world. This demands not much explanation about Corporate Social Responsibility, but to be précised CSR NGO programs in Delhi is a link between society and corporates for addressing social and environmental issues effectively.


Education plays an important role in building every individual’s personality and its vital role in our lives cannot be ignored. It is possibly the only tool which ensures a positive attitude towards life.

How Corporate Social Responsibility Agency are helping with CSR

The term “Corporate Social Responsibility” is basically related to the notions of charitable activities, legal obedience and “ethical” business.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan stressing on the importance of clean and modern sanitation

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the swachh Bharat abhiyan which was been taken lightly for several years have suddenly picked up momentum. The Prime minister of India have made it very clear to the citizen of India that it is very important to inculcate civic sense and value among each and every Indian so that India can become as clean and green as the west. Not only cleanliness fosters a countries growth by attracting foreigners but also provides better environment to live and grow.