SEED offers end to end solutions in Resettlement & Rehabilitation (R&R) for large projects such as mining, steel, power etc as per the regulatory requirements focussing on long-term sustainability addressing social development needs of the project affected families for projects which entail involuntary resettlement. Our Rehabilitation & Resettlement (R&R) process framework facilitates the active participation of the affected persons rather than as externally imposed requirements. SEED has been working on these issues for promoting the concept of ‘socially responsible rehabilitation’, wherein executing and implementing agencies embrace the fact that socially responsible rehabilitation is an integral part of their responsibility and not an obligation or liability.
Securing trust of affected communities is the key of our R&R strategy which is ensured by active participation of stakeholders from the community in planning as well as in implementation of R&R projects.

Pillars of R&R project:
  • Comprehensive  Baseline Socio Economic Survey
  • Comprehensive  Social Impact Assessment
  • Preparation of robust resettlement & rehabilitation action plan with an objective to improve all round living standards of the affected people and also provide required infrastructural facilities & amenities in the resettlement area.
  • Assistance in public hearing
  • Assisting in MoEF presentation for environmental clearance
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