Although women have made large strides in achieving equality with men, women living in rural areas are still vulnerable, helpless and dejected. They lack the confidence to take initiative, have little or no decision-making power in the household and have virtually no voice.
Our intervention enables women to become self-reliant, develop inter-personal skills and recognize the importance of the role and the contribution they can make Women-empowerment-2_01to society.
By forming Self Help Groups (SHG), women become much more independent and are excited to have an alternative way of earning their livelihood. These women undergo skill enhancement training and pick up various trades such as tailoring, embroidery, dairy farming, papad / pickle / vada making, broom-making among others, so they can sell their produce in the market, aiming to earn profits. They are also made aware of how they can access markets and negotiate the price of the goods they have painstakingly made. They enthusiastically participate in literacy classes so they can easily pick up the Alphabet & Numbers and gain practice by learning how to read the newspaper. They are also given exposure to banks and learn how to handle financial transactions. These women are also familiarized with micro-enterprises and taught how entrepreneurs
hip can change their lives for the better.


In addition, women are imparted much-needed life skills education, so they have sufficient knowledge and awareness about common health and hygiene issues. They also learn what health problems their young children are prone to and how they can best prevent them. By organizing special health camps for women and children, SEED ensures that the most neglected segments of society are taken care of.

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