Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) is indispensable for achieving sustainable development. Lack of WASH in a community precipitates many problems such as increase in dropout rate for girl students; due to lack of adequate sanitation facilities, forcing women to walk miles to fetch water and giving rise to poor hygienic practices such as open defecation. These challenges bring down the quality of development.

Focusing on availability of water is part of what we do at SEED. Water-poor communities are unfailingly financially poor as well and prone to many serious water-borne diseases. To ensure that community members do not develop water-based ailments and to make clean drinking water easily accessible, installation of hand pumps and boring water arrangements is prioritized in all operational areas.

To create awareness about better sanitation, street campaigns and cleanliness drives are organized. The practice of open defecation is discouraged and the correct way of washing hands is demonstrated.

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