Knowing that infrastructure development is key to happy and satisfied villagers, SEED has invested heavily in building of social infrastructure for betterment of lives of people living in our project villages. Through building of walking tracks, community halls, renovation of hospital & PHC, sanitation facilities among many others, the basic needs of the community members are taken care of.

Schools are equipped with playgrounds, ceiling fans and desks/benches, to make the school environment child-friendly and conducive for learning. Water purifiers are also installed in schools to ensure that safe and pure drinking water is available for students.

While designing social infrastructure, the significance of utilizing eco-friendly, energy-conserving resources is also kept in mind. This is reflected by installation of solar panels & solar street lights. The Anganwadi centers, Rotary Clubs, and other buildings which are essential for the community are renovated and made functional for community usage. Also, Water supply, sewers and electrical grids are harmonized.

We at SEED believe that developing and maintaining social infrastructure are critical for village development and over all nation building.

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