While recently launching the National Mission for Skill Development 2015, Indian Prime Minister acknowledged that “India currently faces a severe shortage of well-trained, skilled workers. It is estimated that only 2.3% of the workforce in India has undergone formal skill training” To make efforts in this direction, SEED seeks to provide this underutilized manpower with skills enabling them to tackle ever-emerging economic challenges.

We believe in empowering the marginalized by presenting them with economic opportunities through vocational skill training, promoting entrepreneurship and development of micro enterprises. Besides equipping men and women with essential skills and up-grading existing skill-sets, they are provided appropriate placement support, in tune with current market needs and demands.

To increase awareness and self-confidence among women, SEED mobilizes women to form Self Help Groups, where they collectively work towards supplementing their household income. They are engaged in financially productive trades such as Broom-making, Silai-Kadhai, Sanitary Napkin making, Mushroom Farming, Pickle Papad making, Dona-Pattal making among many others based on geographical location and demand. The women are linked with local markets where they sell their produce at a profit and earn money for the SHG. Saving habits are encouraged with knowledge sharing on bank transactions.

Through the Integrated Livelihood Development Programms, the challenge of unemployment and underemployment are carefully tackled, thus improving the quality of life for the community. To further this holistic approach, financial literacy sessions are organized to familiarize the community members with the know-how of financial transactions.

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Skill Development

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