Due to the shortage of qualified teachers and lack of infrastructure facilities in remote areas, quality education still eludes most school-children.

SEED ensures that students are equipped with the resources and professional help, required to lead a happy, energetic and fun-filled childhood, where their natural curiosity is given free rein. Our intervention raises awareness about health, hygiene and sanitation issues and provides easy access to general health services and medication. Additionally, students are supported with a library facility, where they can improve and enhance their reading skills, a crucial developmental aspect especially for young students.

Students are provided with free school supplies such as bags, stationery, books, uniform, etc. Monthly Parent-Teacher meetings are held to update the parents regarding the academic and co-curricular progress of their child.

Focusing on creating a child-friendly environment, we invest heavily in school infrastructure. Here the development of adequate playing spaces, provision of drinking water and up-gradation of toilet infrastructure plays a critical role. Children are also engaged in various activities such as, sports, dancing, singing, art and craft, etc. as part of recreational activities. It helps in engagement of students in healthy activities and also help them enhance their skills based on individual interest.

Recreational activities are frequently organized and children eagerly articipate in sports and cultural events. Festivals are also celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm and the entire community is involved in the festivities.

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