Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India has notified the National Voluntary Guidelines for Business Responsibility and expects businesses to follow these guidelines. Keeping with the NVGs, demands of transparency and accountability of business by the investor community in general and calls by UNPRI and Rio+20, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has amended the listing agreement and made Business Responsibility practice and disclosure mandatory for top 100 companies listed on the security exchanges.

SEED assists in complying with the SEBI requirements and NVGs and supports in adopting good practices of business responsibility as required by global investors and as needed to derive business benefits:

  • Prioritize and develop policies which are relevant to the business based on NVG Business Responsibility principles
  • Review existing Business Responsibility policies, processes, performance and communications and Benchmark with com-petition, good practices and codes/standards
  • Develop Improvement plan and Assist in deploying
  • Prepare Business Responsibility Report
  • Hand hold to develop and deploy programs – Product stewardship, Stakeholder engagement, Responsible supply chain and Inclusive development
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