CSR Initiatives in India

CSR Initiatives in India

India is a country that is characterized by its diversity in demographic, resources, culture, religion, language and all other spheres of society. Where on the one hand this diversity gives the nation its unique identity, on the other hand, it is also the root cause of a vast variety of social issues. It is a country that is developing but with massively underutilized potential and a considerable population that is difficult to provide for. What it needs is a reformation of mindset, a betterment of skills and considerable investment on socio-economic upliftment. Read More »



At SEED, we believe that programs initiated for Skill Development should create individuals who become competent enough to compete in the markets for the skills they possess. This is a feat that can only be achieved if training involves an adequate balance of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in order to master the trade. Our programs in our project areas include training in trades like electrical, computer, welding, automobile, among a wide variety of others. Keeping with this idea of a holistic training structure, students are also encouraged to take of extra classes, tests, Olympiads and practical submissions. Read More »

Seed Is Contributing to the Growth of an Individual As Well As the Country

Seed Is Contributing to the Growth of an Individual As Well As the Country

Ever since Mr. Narendra Modi has become the prime minister of India, there has been a greater focus on Swachh Bharat Mission. He along with his cabinet member have allocated a great deal of investment in order to make India clean. It might seem to be a mammoth task but now it seems to be working. It is a fact that cleanliness is next to Godliness therefore it is vital to inculcate good habits about keeping surroundings clean and educate young children ,to keep the surroundings clean. Once they form a habit right from their childhood, it would remain with them till their rest of their life

Another major issue which goes along with Swachh Bharat Mission is Skill development. India is one of those countries which is blessed with one of the maximum manpower, however the sad part is unfortunately very few of that working class possess skills. Because of less of skills, they tend to work very hard, while making use of very little knowledge and equipment, still are not able to get the best out of them. This not only cost more but also does not guarantee 100% efficiency.

Keeping this in mind the www.seed.ind.in is taking several initiative in the field of training young and dynamic resources in the field of Carpentry, Electrical Work, Plumbing and Missionary. They provide many job oriented courses and upon completion also handle out certificates which help them in getting instant jobs. Many have also been able to start their own work and it has been seen that after completing the courses and training they are more confident and the level of services which they offer has also been very competitive. This not only benefits the services provider but also the person who is availing the service.

People who are educated and are aware of the opportunities are more or less aware of the impact of cleanliness and work shoulder to shoulder to enhance their capability as well as keeping the environment clean. Therefore in short skill development and Swachh Bharat Mission go hand in hand.

www.seed.ind.in provides a variety of program and services however Skill development has proved to be very successful and is operating at full capacity. Its aim is to train more and more people who can contribute to the growth of the country and go on to become successful individual in the future.

Convocation Ceremony for Skill Development Batch

Convocation Ceremony for Skill Development Batch

Convocation Ceremony for Skill Development Batch @ Kohlapur

On 11th April 2017 , Convocation of the second batch of students at the DHFL Skill Development Centre was held at Shahu Samarak Bhavan, Dasara Chowk Kohlapur .

The event was graced by chief guests Ms. Hasina Faras (Mayor of Kohlapur) and Mr Abhijit Magdum (Chairman and MD Bhima Builders) and Mr Sachin Shirgaonkar (MD RB sheller Pvt Ltd.). More than 400 students in batches have completed the Skill Development Course. The Major traits taught were Carpentry, Electrical Work , Plumbing and Missionary.

At the end of the event certificates were handing to the Students by Ms. Hasina Faras (Mayor of Kohlapur) and other Chief Guests as well


Skill Development Convocation Ceremony @ Chandarpur

SEED CSR conducted the Convocation Ceremony for the Skill Development Second Batch at DHFL Skill Development Centre Chandarpur at ND Hotel , Bapat Nagar Chowk, Nagarpur Road , Chandrapur.

Mr. Madhusudan Roongta (President , Chandarpur Industry Association ) was the Chief Guest at the Ceremony. Expressing happiness ahead of the Convocation Day, importance of Skill India was highlighted by Mr. Madhusudan Roongta.

During the event student were awarded with certification for completing their course. With this Major traits taught during the course were mainly Carpentry , Electrical Works , Plumbing and Missionary


Empowering Women Enlightening Lives in Rural India

Empowering Women Enlightening Lives in Rural India

Women are the backbone of our society. Their status has improved through the years, yet complete emancipation is still a far fetch dream due to various social and psychological reasons.

SEED CSR’s endeavour is to make women self-reliant, develop personality skills and discover their own self through projects under our mandate to implement CSR Project.

International Women’s Day is celebrated in the month of March. As our projects focus on women empowerment, highlights of some of the projects specifically aiming towards this area in form of skill development and Women Self Help Groups (WSHGs) are as follows:

Women Day Celebration @ DHFLWomen Day Celebration @ DHFL

At our Chandrapur training centre, PMC members and women trainees participated in women’s day celebration event. They shared their successful experience. Also, girls from the ongoing batches shared their experience of learning at one of our centres. At the end of the program, refreshment was provided to all the attendees.



Women Day Celebration @ Technip Suva

Women Day Celebration @ Technip Suva

On 8th March, 2017, International Women’s Day was celebrated at Technip CSR Training Centre at Suva. Female teachers and members from Self Help Group (SHGs) Committee participated in this event. The event started with a speech on importance of Women Empowerment by Ms Hetal Ben, government school teacher. Women participating in the event shared their contributions to the rural community. Moreover, they also shared the challenges which are faced by women in the society and how the Women Empowerment Program under CSR Approach helped these women folks in Suva. The event concluded with a vote of thanks and Mid-day refreshment were given to all the attendees.


Women Day Celebration @ FISWomen Day Celebration @ FIS

Women’s Day was celebrated at FIS CSR Training Centre, where the focus was on Women Empowerment.

About 56 girls and women along with members from Mahila Samiti Committee participated in this event where they shared their experience.

The first 3 best stories were awarded. Trophies were given by Chief Guest who was the principal of Zilla Parishad School Barfpada. She encouraged women to participate in this activity. Also, all participants took an oath to ensure their sons & daughters would be getting equivalent educational opportunities.

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