We’re looking for people who have an unusual blend of passion, dedication, and energy. They are creative and insightful problem solvers, they enjoy working in teams, they have an entrepreneurial spirit, and they are interesting people beyond the office.

Four areas of focus

These four areas of talent and character that are at the heart of what we seek in people.

Personal impact-

People skills more than matter, they are essential. Without them, great ideas languish, lacking internal support and momentum.

Problem-solving skills-

Are you someone who can think both conceptually and practically? Do people say that you think differently about things? Do you like to solve a challenging problem? Then we should talk.

An orientation around achievement-

To help our clients achieve great things, we look for people with a track record of achieving great things themselves. We value the drive and fortitude to get things done and know it translates into client impact and the continual innovation of our institution.

Leadership abilities-

The ability to take people forward and act as a catalyst for productive teamwork-is essential and common to those who succeed here.

We will also look at your interest in SEED at both the application and interview stage. Awareness of the industries we work within would also be gauged.

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