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CSR Summit on Corporate and Civil Society

CSR Summit on Corporate and Civil Society

Mr. Anirban Roy marks his auspicious presence at the CSR Summit on Corporate and Civil Society Dialogue organised by Delhi Management Association. He highlighted the importance of CSR and how we can help Corporates in implementing CSR in India. Along with this he also emphasize on the identification of CSR Implementation Agencies. Also he highlighted the innovative approach towards the CSR Implementation for the MNC’s and Corporates . At last he added the process to be follow and adopted way ahead.

Renew Power’s move toward CSR via Community Development Project Inauguration

Renew Power’s move toward CSR via Community Development Project Inauguration

Renew Power in partnership with SEED CSR launches “Rural Development” Sustainable Village Development Program on 15th April at Dichipalli, Telangana. The Chief Guests for the launch event were Mr. Sumant Sinha Founder and Chairman Renew Power and Mr. Parag CEO Renew Power. Mr. Sumant Sinha & Mr. Parag talked about the benefits of Digital Education by leveraging technologies like Digital Class. Not only this, the emphasis was also on Women Empowerment and for the same Regional Sarpanch of Dharmaraopet Village was also invited. After the curtain unveiling, Digital Class Room was inaugurated. The new computer lab is well equipped and has all the latest technology and infrastructure. All necessary equipments like latest Computers, Computer Tables, Chairs, UPS and Internet facility are provided in the lab. This will benefit students to learn latest techniques and with internet facility they will also get exposure to new technologies being used globally. This is a Big Step in Digital India movement for school children in Dharmaraopet Village at Dichipalli, Telangana.
Ribbon Cutting-min

The Chief Guests also interacted with students and emphasised importance of education in career development and how Digital Class can be beneficial for them. The Chief Guest also talked about importance of Sports in our daily life and shared his thoughts and importance of sports with both Students & Parents. Renew Power projects also committed in improving the sports facility by providing necessary sports equipments to school.

To ensure the students and parents also know benefits and importance of Environment, Chief Guest also did Sapling plantation in the School Premises. The motive is to take one step forward for future generation by Environment Sustainability.
March toward the Inaugration Point-min
The program ended with discussion between Chief Guests and the Head Master for the Future of Children’s in the village and importance of CSR education in the village. Unlike earlier time this initiative, the proper method of Practical Teaching via Smart Labs is also adopted in the village. Also Headmaster expressed vote of thanks to Renew Power and Seed CSR for this value addition to the society.

This is a big step in the Digital India initiative and this is just a beginning to educate thousands of people in Dharmaraopet Village, Dichipalli.

Convocation Ceremony for Skill Development Batch

Convocation Ceremony for Skill Development Batch

Convocation Ceremony for Skill Development Batch @ Kohlapur

On 11th April 2017 , Convocation of the second batch of students at the DHFL Skill Development Centre was held at Shahu Samarak Bhavan, Dasara Chowk Kohlapur .

The event was graced by chief guests Ms. Hasina Faras (Mayor of Kohlapur) and Mr Abhijit Magdum (Chairman and MD Bhima Builders) and Mr Sachin Shirgaonkar (MD RB sheller Pvt Ltd.). More than 400 students in batches have completed the Skill Development Course. The Major traits taught were Carpentry, Electrical Work , Plumbing and Missionary.

At the end of the event certificates were handing to the Students by Ms. Hasina Faras (Mayor of Kohlapur) and other Chief Guests as well


Skill Development Convocation Ceremony @ Chandarpur

SEED CSR conducted the Convocation Ceremony for the Skill Development Second Batch at DHFL Skill Development Centre Chandarpur at ND Hotel , Bapat Nagar Chowk, Nagarpur Road , Chandrapur.

Mr. Madhusudan Roongta (President , Chandarpur Industry Association ) was the Chief Guest at the Ceremony. Expressing happiness ahead of the Convocation Day, importance of Skill India was highlighted by Mr. Madhusudan Roongta.

During the event student were awarded with certification for completing their course. With this Major traits taught during the course were mainly Carpentry , Electrical Works , Plumbing and Missionary


Changing Landscape of Healthcare by CSR

Changing Landscape of Healthcare by CSR

A healthy society leads to a developed nation. This is only possible when every community is leading a healthy life. In the past few years, SEED CSR has been working rigorously to reach out to the grass-root level of those issues that are still prevalent in the society. As a result, different projects are taken up for the betterment of the community. As an organization, SEED believes that healthy, fit and active community members can only be targeted for the upliftment of any society.

Thereby, the main agenda followed by SEED CSR as an implementation agency is to achieve its business and strategic goals through community development projects. This is visible through initiatives taken towards the healthcare services in the key areas and step by step strategy has been targeted not only to educate the people about the benefits of a good health but also efforts were taken to make them aware of various diseases that can be taken care of easily. The impoverished and marginalized communities are the ones, suffering the most according to various surveys that has been taken up by the government and many NGOs every year.

1To ensure that the people are being given the right education in terms of health and diseases, CSR has taken up many projects in various parts of the country. Therefore, free health check-up camps are organized regularly to provide treatments and medicines. People are being provided with prescribed medicines with an advice on how they can take good care of their health.

The focus as of now is to make them aware of waterborne and contagious diseases. Also, women and children are given special attention by setting up gynaecology and paediatric camps across the country. Besides this, awareness campaigns are organized to spread the message that Hygiene and Sanitation issues are important and needs to be addressed. The campaigns are a medium to educate people about the significance of cleanliness which in turn is important for a healthy lifestyle.

During World Water Day, SEED CSR took an initiative to organize a drive at the Ghats of Ganga to spread the message of good hygiene and sanitation. The main agenda of this drive was to stop the wastage of water and reduce the practice of open defecation by the tourists and the local vendors at the Ghats. Though this project is a part of World Water Day to spread the message of “Save Water”, but is also an indirect effort to reach out the people to provide them the necessary knowledge required for their wellbeing.2

Also, to improve the quality healthcare, Seed CSR came up with Integrated Community Development Programme to improve quality of life and wellbeing of the deprived communities. It aims at improving the critical development issues faced by the marginalized population of villages in Kelambakkam, Alathur & Chennai. It also evolves around improving the Facilities at Primary Health Centre . Also, installing the RO System in School and Anganwadis to improve the Watery Hygiene in the villages.

Save Water to Secure Your Future

Save Water to Secure Your Future

About 76 million people in India are without access to clean and safe water. The reasons are numerous out of which some of them are, pollution and over-exploitation, rapid pace of industrialization and greater emphasis on agricultural growth combined with financial and technological constraints and non-enforcement of laws. Accessing drinking water is a problem and assuring it is safe is a challenge by itself.




As Per the Water Aid’s report on Wild Water- The State of the World’s Water 2017,

without access to clean water, 63 million people are living in rural areas in India. Diseases such as cholera, blinding trachoma, malaria and dengue are expected to become more common and malnutrition more prevalent.



Climate change is another major factor resulting in water availability. Unpredictable weather patterns are particularly challenging to the water and food supplies of agriculture-reliant rural communities. Longer dry spells result in crop failure and shortages of food and clean drinking water. Flooding can pollute clean water sources and may lead to cholera outbreaks. Climate change is likely to exacerbate these challenges and place an even greater strain on people. Also, water, sanitation and hygiene have a critical role to play in helping poor communities cope.

SEED CSR is a Corporate Social Responsibility advisory and implementation agency. At SEED one of our thematic area is Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).

To ensure that community members do not develop water-based ailments and to make clean drinking water easily accessible, installation of hand pumps and boring water arrangements is prioritized in all operational areas. Moreover, to create awareness about better sanitation, street campaigns and cleanliness drives are organized.
In one of our projects, toilets Installation that was initiated at Varanasi Ghats where we encouraged the correct way of washing hands and discouraged open defecation. The objective of this activity was to stop the wastage of water and reduce open defecation by tourists, local vendors at Ganga Ghats.

Such activities are done to advocate the practice of good hygiene and sanitation. SEED CSR along with client companies thrives to achieve accessibility of safe drinking water and clean rural India.

Highlights of World Water Day Celebration’s at few project sites:

1. CMA CGM, Uran Mumbai :2

Painting and Essay Writing Competition was organized at ZP Digital School at Jaskhar, Uran, Maharashtra on World Water Day. The Sarpanch of the village was the chief guest for this event and all the VDC Members were present. The themes of competitions were based on water and biodiversity conservation. The winners of the competition were awarded. Also, saplings of endangered plants were given to the guests who pledged to plant those in their respective homes.

2. DHFL Chandarpur3

On world water day the Centre at Chandrapur celebrated World Water day. The event started with understanding the importance of this day in our lives. Later, ways to save and conserve water were discussed. Finally, a ‘Sankalp’ (Pledge) was taken by nearly 300 trainees from different traits like BFSI and Constructional Sector to save the water.



3. DHFL , Kohlapur :4

On 22nd March 2017, we have organized water awareness drive at Skill Development Centre, Kolhapur where we conducted rally from center to Sasane ground and back. A total of 90 trainees of BFSI and Construction participated in the drive. In front of Sasane ground, Our BFSI trainees did two street plays and spread the message about water conservation, don’t waste water and importance of water and educate people those who were wasting water on road while washing car etc.


3.Technip , Suva :5

On the eve of World Water Day , we organized a wide spread Water Awareness Session at Suva Village , Bharuch . The Awareness Session was organized in School to make students aware about importance of Water and how to save water . Secondly another awareness session was organized with Women Self Help Group with an objective to spread the awareness on Save Water. The Objective of both session was to Save Water for Future. At the end of both session a pledge was taken by both Children’s and Women’s to save water from getting wasted through running taps.

Empowering Women Enlightening Lives in Rural India

Empowering Women Enlightening Lives in Rural India

Women are the backbone of our society. Their status has improved through the years, yet complete emancipation is still a far fetch dream due to various social and psychological reasons.

SEED CSR’s endeavour is to make women self-reliant, develop personality skills and discover their own self through projects under our mandate to implement CSR Project.

International Women’s Day is celebrated in the month of March. As our projects focus on women empowerment, highlights of some of the projects specifically aiming towards this area in form of skill development and Women Self Help Groups (WSHGs) are as follows:

Women Day Celebration @ DHFLWomen Day Celebration @ DHFL

At our Chandrapur training centre, PMC members and women trainees participated in women’s day celebration event. They shared their successful experience. Also, girls from the ongoing batches shared their experience of learning at one of our centres. At the end of the program, refreshment was provided to all the attendees.



Women Day Celebration @ Technip Suva

Women Day Celebration @ Technip Suva

On 8th March, 2017, International Women’s Day was celebrated at Technip CSR Training Centre at Suva. Female teachers and members from Self Help Group (SHGs) Committee participated in this event. The event started with a speech on importance of Women Empowerment by Ms Hetal Ben, government school teacher. Women participating in the event shared their contributions to the rural community. Moreover, they also shared the challenges which are faced by women in the society and how the Women Empowerment Program under CSR Approach helped these women folks in Suva. The event concluded with a vote of thanks and Mid-day refreshment were given to all the attendees.


Women Day Celebration @ FISWomen Day Celebration @ FIS

Women’s Day was celebrated at FIS CSR Training Centre, where the focus was on Women Empowerment.

About 56 girls and women along with members from Mahila Samiti Committee participated in this event where they shared their experience.

The first 3 best stories were awarded. Trophies were given by Chief Guest who was the principal of Zilla Parishad School Barfpada. She encouraged women to participate in this activity. Also, all participants took an oath to ensure their sons & daughters would be getting equivalent educational opportunities.

Somany Ceramics facilitates Sustainable Villlage Development Program under CSR at Gujrant Plant

Somany Ceramics facilitates Sustainable Villlage Development Program under CSR at Gujrant Plant

Recently Somany Ceramics inaugurated their CSR Project for Sustainable Village Development in Mehsana, Kadi District of Gujrat.  The Chief Guest of the program was R.GG Trivedi, CEO for Somany Ceramics.

The main objective of this CSR initiative is to enhance the Skill of youth by Skill Development initiative with giving a beneficiary to a batch of 20-25 students every month. The major skills traits are Stewing & Stitching and Refrigeration and Cooling.

The Inauguration event went well. To add value to this CSR Initiative Village Sarpanch had visited the Centre and addressed the localities with the benefits of this initiative.

TechnipFMC in India Undertakes ‘Nurturing Seed’ Initiative to Build a Model Village at Dahej, Gujarat Contributing to the Well-Being of Rural Community

TechnipFMC in India Undertakes ‘Nurturing Seed’ Initiative to Build a Model Village at Dahej, Gujarat Contributing to the Well-Being of Rural Community

Technip in collaboration with SEED, one of the leading CSR implementation Agency has inaugurated their CSR initiative in Dahej Gujrat.

The main objective of this CSR initiative:-

  • Improve education infrastructure and promote eLearning amongst students.
  • Encourage financial literacy and promote micro-enterprising.
  • Enhance awareness on health care, hygiene, and sanitation, especially for pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children.
  • Raise awareness on disaster management.

Mr. Bhaskar Patel, Managing Director of Technip India said,’ am confident that with our CSR project partner, SEED, we will be able to involve and train the villagers through year-long various initiatives which will bring a positive change in their living condition on the long term. This is how we build the future.”

Seed CSR Participation in  IILM PRME Fourth International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation Key Drivers for Responsibility Management

Seed CSR Participation in IILM PRME Fourth International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation Key Drivers for Responsibility Management

Mr. Anirban Roy (Managing Director), marks his auspicious presence at the IILM PRME Fourth International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation Key Drivers for Responsibility Management, as the guest of honor for Social Innovations for the Bottom of the Pyramid. He highlighted the principles of innovations by Prof. C K Prahalad and also emphasized on SEED’s steps towards Social Innovations for the Bottom of the Pyramid through diverse social innovative projects executed by the team towards community sustainable development.
Major Areas covered under his intervention are:
Focus on Price Performance
Hybrid Solution
Radical Redesign from Buying
Educate on product Usage
Product Work on hostile Environment, Dust, Pollution etc
Adaptable user Interface
Innovation Distribution Methods



Self-help Groups (SHGs) is a group of 10-20 members who work independently in order to become self-sufficient. The role of self help groups in community development found its roots in Grameen Bank model, Bangladesh (1970s) and since then the whole concept of SHGs is working in making women more productive in work front at power with men. These SHG are even called by Swayam Sahita Samuh.

Such Self Help Groups have various methods under which it works. For example: inter loaning among members, rules made by the members for proper functioning of the group, proper book keeping of credit and debit etc. Members make small regular savings contributions for few months for the group they are part of until enough capital is stored for the group to begin lending. The most significant feature of such groups is ‘linkage’ with the banks for delivery of micro-credit. In laymen language, micro-credit refers to small loans given by the group members to one another at bad times and to meet credit needs.

They  may be registered or unregistered. It is basically a homogeneous group where members belonging to same backgrounds and interests come together for achieving the sole interest of empowerment and saving little sum of money to meet the emergency needs. They pool their resources to become financially stable, taking loans from their groups and make everybody in that group self-employed. There is strong procedure for repayment among group members.


This move of forming and promoting Self Help Groups has reduced the gender inequalities prevailing in country. With the central and state Governments, NABARD is extending support for women SHGs as a strategy for women empowerment. Important policy initiatives has been taken in this regard that includes- promotion of groups under Development of Women and Children in rural Areas(DWACRA), South Asian Poverty Alleviation programme(SAPAP) assisted by UNDP under Dhaka declaration.

The SHGs by providing access to financial services and informing the women members about the numerous welfare programmes is truly empowering by involving women in several activities and also making them understand about the market workings. This way it is addressing the gender issues of economic development in India in best way possible. The women involved have learned to manage money and use it in worst situations. Hence, financial empowerment is taking place where women are more aware of financial knowledge and are seen as women entrepreneurs. Thus, the concept of SHGs is being promoted by government and presently, also among rural women.  The status of power and position that was lacking for women since independence have now been covered up and this was possible only with the initiation of the concept self-help groups.

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