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How CSR Skill Development Training is proving to be helpful in development of entire India

How CSR Skill Development Training is proving to be helpful in development of entire India

Indian is a country with budding talent, it is the second most populous country which is known for its hardworking resources, and however what it lacks is inadequate skills. Indian are known for their hardworking capacity and their resourcefulness, what is required to get the best out of manpower is CSR Skill Development Training. Read More »



A broom is merely an object used for cleaning and in Indian context also for beating people in and around neighborhood for unharmful acts. It has been acted as a weapon for Indian women since its inception before the modern-day pepper sprays arrived in market. This insanely stick like tools with fibers usually of materials like hair, corn husks and plastic is seen to degrade the status quo of women and is debatable. This is evident from the fact that women not men are majorly seen doing the cleaning work at home because of the traditional responsibility of work bestowed upon them since ages.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day in Unique Way –   Initiative by Seed CSR @ Budasan Village

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Unique Way – Initiative by Seed CSR @ Budasan Village

On 14th May 2017, Seed Team have celebrated Mother’s Day in which the 60 women of Budasan village had participated. The idea was to bring all mothers together and to create awareness about the importance of Mother’s Day. Program started in mid noon with a facilitation speech by our chief guest “Mr. Jayesh”, Principal of Budasan primary School. He has also shared some points on how to be a good mother with some positive feedback from the women.

mother day

Further a drawing competition had been organized on the theme of “Mothers Day” where 11 group members had participated.

In each group, there were 4 participants. They actively participated in the singing program as well

mother day 1

Program ended at 2pm with prize ceremony and refreshments activity. Group member wit best theme based drawing has received a gift of Cadbury celebration. Mother’s Day emblem were also distributed to all women who attended the celebration.

For initiative in promoting gender equality (Women Empowerment) in rural areas visit at CSR for Rural Development.

Seed Is Contributing to the Growth of an Individual As Well As the Country

Seed Is Contributing to the Growth of an Individual As Well As the Country

Ever since Mr. Narendra Modi has become the prime minister of India, there has been a greater focus on Swachh Bharat Mission. He along with his cabinet member have allocated a great deal of investment in order to make India clean. It might seem to be a mammoth task but now it seems to be working. It is a fact that cleanliness is next to Godliness therefore it is vital to inculcate good habits about keeping surroundings clean and educate young children ,to keep the surroundings clean. Once they form a habit right from their childhood, it would remain with them till their rest of their life

Another major issue which goes along with Swachh Bharat Mission is Skill development. India is one of those countries which is blessed with one of the maximum manpower, however the sad part is unfortunately very few of that working class possess skills. Because of less of skills, they tend to work very hard, while making use of very little knowledge and equipment, still are not able to get the best out of them. This not only cost more but also does not guarantee 100% efficiency.

Keeping this in mind the is taking several initiative in the field of training young and dynamic resources in the field of Carpentry, Electrical Work, Plumbing and Missionary. They provide many job oriented courses and upon completion also handle out certificates which help them in getting instant jobs. Many have also been able to start their own work and it has been seen that after completing the courses and training they are more confident and the level of services which they offer has also been very competitive. This not only benefits the services provider but also the person who is availing the service.

People who are educated and are aware of the opportunities are more or less aware of the impact of cleanliness and work shoulder to shoulder to enhance their capability as well as keeping the environment clean. Therefore in short skill development and Swachh Bharat Mission go hand in hand. provides a variety of program and services however Skill development has proved to be very successful and is operating at full capacity. Its aim is to train more and more people who can contribute to the growth of the country and go on to become successful individual in the future.

Initiative To Clean GAGAL, Safe GAGAL

Initiative To Clean GAGAL, Safe GAGAL

On 25th April Malaria Day was celebrated in the Gagal region of Himachal Pradesh. On this day, an awareness campaign had taken place through door to door reach out. Three panchayats were targeted in this campaign namely Panjgain, Dhoun Kothi and Barmana. Around 400 pamphlets were distributed among people of the three panchayats. This pamphlet contained information on sources of malaria and other knowledge related to it.

clean gagal

Cleanliness Drive was another important aspect of the Malaria Day celebration. This drive took place in Dhoun Kothi panchayat in Kannaur village where approximately 30 women belonging to Mahalaxmi and Navjyoti groups participated in cleaning the area outside their respective homes.  Complaints of the village members were addressed by SEED representative and the whole malaria day celebration went off well.

Prevent Malaria-Save Life

Prevent Malaria-Save Life

To spread awareness on preventive methods for malaria and Save Life, Seed CSR organized Health Awareness Camp at Budasan Village Kadi in Mehsana district on 25th April 2017.

Prevent Malaria-Save Life

Prevent Malaria-Save Life

During this camp, villagers were given free medical check-up on various health issues pertaining to the demographic region of Mehsana. Also, an interactive session was organized with motive to prevent malaria and suggest preventive measure for the same.

The Delegates from Somany Ceramics were also part of the Campaign. Mr. Digant Joshi (Head, Human Resource) from Somany Ceramics was the Chief Guest of the event.

The villagers from the Mehsana district came forward and engaged in interactive participation in the event. Smt. Parmar Bharti Ben, village girl shared the symptoms of malaria and preventive method for the same. She enlightened the villagers about solutions to this disease through story telling.

At the end of the session, 200 informative pamphlets on consisting of preventive methods for malaria were distributed to the villagers. At the same time, 150 Malaria Awareness Stickers were also given to the villagers.

The event started with one patient at the beginning and by the end of the day the Health Services and Check Up Session was provided to more than 150 localities.

It ended up with a positive note from the villagers to keep the village clean and green and free from mosquito breeding. With this interactive health awareness session , Somany focused on CSR in Quality Healthcare

CSR Summit on Corporate and Civil Society

CSR Summit on Corporate and Civil Society

Mr. Anirban Roy marks his auspicious presence at the CSR Summit on Corporate and Civil Society Dialogue organised by Delhi Management Association. He highlighted the importance of CSR and how we can help Corporates in implementing CSR in India. Along with this he also emphasize on the identification of CSR Implementation Agencies. Also he highlighted the innovative approach towards the CSR Implementation for the MNC’s and Corporates . At last he added the process to be follow and adopted way ahead.

Renew Power’s move toward CSR via Community Development Project Inauguration

Renew Power’s move toward CSR via Community Development Project Inauguration

Renew Power in partnership with SEED CSR launches “Rural Development” Sustainable Village Development Program on 15th April at Dichipalli, Telangana. The Chief Guests for the launch event were Mr. Sumant Sinha Founder and Chairman Renew Power and Mr. Parag CEO Renew Power. Mr. Sumant Sinha & Mr. Parag talked about the benefits of Digital Education by leveraging technologies like Digital Class. Not only this, the emphasis was also on Women Empowerment and for the same Regional Sarpanch of Dharmaraopet Village was also invited. After the curtain unveiling, Digital Class Room was inaugurated. The new computer lab is well equipped and has all the latest technology and infrastructure. All necessary equipments like latest Computers, Computer Tables, Chairs, UPS and Internet facility are provided in the lab. This will benefit students to learn latest techniques and with internet facility they will also get exposure to new technologies being used globally. This is a Big Step in Digital India movement for school children in Dharmaraopet Village at Dichipalli, Telangana.
Ribbon Cutting-min

The Chief Guests also interacted with students and emphasised importance of education in career development and how Digital Class can be beneficial for them. The Chief Guest also talked about importance of Sports in our daily life and shared his thoughts and importance of sports with both Students & Parents. Renew Power projects also committed in improving the sports facility by providing necessary sports equipments to school.

To ensure the students and parents also know benefits and importance of Environment, Chief Guest also did Sapling plantation in the School Premises. The motive is to take one step forward for future generation by Environment Sustainability.
March toward the Inaugration Point-min
The program ended with discussion between Chief Guests and the Head Master for the Future of Children’s in the village and importance of CSR education in the village. Unlike earlier time this initiative, the proper method of Practical Teaching via Smart Labs is also adopted in the village. Also Headmaster expressed vote of thanks to Renew Power and Seed CSR for this value addition to the society.

This is a big step in the Digital India initiative and this is just a beginning to educate thousands of people in Dharmaraopet Village, Dichipalli.

Convocation Ceremony for Skill Development Batch

Convocation Ceremony for Skill Development Batch

Convocation Ceremony for Skill Development Batch @ Kohlapur

On 11th April 2017 , Convocation of the second batch of students at the DHFL Skill Development Centre was held at Shahu Samarak Bhavan, Dasara Chowk Kohlapur .

The event was graced by chief guests Ms. Hasina Faras (Mayor of Kohlapur) and Mr Abhijit Magdum (Chairman and MD Bhima Builders) and Mr Sachin Shirgaonkar (MD RB sheller Pvt Ltd.). More than 400 students in batches have completed the Skill Development Course. The Major traits taught were Carpentry, Electrical Work , Plumbing and Missionary.

At the end of the event certificates were handing to the Students by Ms. Hasina Faras (Mayor of Kohlapur) and other Chief Guests as well


Skill Development Convocation Ceremony @ Chandarpur

SEED CSR conducted the Convocation Ceremony for the Skill Development Second Batch at DHFL Skill Development Centre Chandarpur at ND Hotel , Bapat Nagar Chowk, Nagarpur Road , Chandrapur.

Mr. Madhusudan Roongta (President , Chandarpur Industry Association ) was the Chief Guest at the Ceremony. Expressing happiness ahead of the Convocation Day, importance of Skill India was highlighted by Mr. Madhusudan Roongta.

During the event student were awarded with certification for completing their course. With this Major traits taught during the course were mainly Carpentry , Electrical Works , Plumbing and Missionary


Changing Landscape of Healthcare by CSR

Changing Landscape of Healthcare by CSR

A healthy society leads to a developed nation. This is only possible when every community is leading a healthy life. In the past few years, SEED CSR has been working rigorously to reach out to the grass-root level of those issues that are still prevalent in the society. As a result, different projects are taken up for the betterment of the community. As an organization, SEED believes that healthy, fit and active community members can only be targeted for the upliftment of any society.

Thereby, the main agenda followed by SEED CSR as an implementation agency is to achieve its business and strategic goals through community development projects. This is visible through initiatives taken towards the healthcare services in the key areas and step by step strategy has been targeted not only to educate the people about the benefits of a good health but also efforts were taken to make them aware of various diseases that can be taken care of easily. The impoverished and marginalized communities are the ones, suffering the most according to various surveys that has been taken up by the government and many NGOs every year.

1To ensure that the people are being given the right education in terms of health and diseases, CSR has taken up many projects in various parts of the country. Therefore, free health check-up camps are organized regularly to provide treatments and medicines. People are being provided with prescribed medicines with an advice on how they can take good care of their health.

The focus as of now is to make them aware of waterborne and contagious diseases. Also, women and children are given special attention by setting up gynaecology and paediatric camps across the country. Besides this, awareness campaigns are organized to spread the message that Hygiene and Sanitation issues are important and needs to be addressed. The campaigns are a medium to educate people about the significance of cleanliness which in turn is important for a healthy lifestyle.

During World Water Day, SEED CSR took an initiative to organize a drive at the Ghats of Ganga to spread the message of good hygiene and sanitation. The main agenda of this drive was to stop the wastage of water and reduce the practice of open defecation by the tourists and the local vendors at the Ghats. Though this project is a part of World Water Day to spread the message of “Save Water”, but is also an indirect effort to reach out the people to provide them the necessary knowledge required for their wellbeing.2

Also, to improve the quality healthcare, Seed CSR came up with Integrated Community Development Programme to improve quality of life and wellbeing of the deprived communities. It aims at improving the critical development issues faced by the marginalized population of villages in Kelambakkam, Alathur & Chennai. It also evolves around improving the Facilities at Primary Health Centre . Also, installing the RO System in School and Anganwadis to improve the Watery Hygiene in the villages.

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